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DATEN: 29.01.2019
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Klappentext zu „Drug Treatment Courts “Edgar Güldü beleuchtet das Modell der Drug Treatment Courts und - gemeinsam mit der Co-Autorin Frau Meryem Güldü - die zugrunde liegende Rechtstheorie. Der Autor zeigt, dass es sich bei den als Drug Courts bezeichneten Gerichtsprogrammen um einen neuartigen Diversionsansatz gegenüber suchtkranken Straftätern in den USA und den Ländern des Common Laws handelt. Drogengerichte heben sich nach Auffassung des Autors gegenüber dem Therapievorrang in unserer Rechtsordnung durch die Einbindung der Strafverfahrensbeteiligten in den Behandlungs- und Resozialisierungsprozess ab. Damit stehen die Drogengerichtsprogramme für eine sogenannte Problem-Solving Justice, einen lösungszentrierten Verfahrensansatz, der bisher zu Unrecht kaum Beachtung erfahren hat.

..., and productive family and community members ... A Comprehensive Guide to Drug Courts | Addiction Resource ... . Adult DTC works with non-violent, repeat offenders who are facing jail / prison time. The Drug Treatment Court Funding Program (DTCFP) is a contribution funding program that aims to reduce crime committed as a result of drug dependency through court-monitored treatment and community service support for non-violent offenders with drug addictions. The objectives of the DTCFP are: Delaware County's Drug Treatment Court is a voluntary intensive drug treatment program, separated into five (5) phases of supervision, that allows non-violent offenders to address substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders while under the strict supervision of the Office of Adult Probation and Parole Services and the Treatment Court Judge. This type of court is primarily for high ri ... Treatment Courts Online ... . This type of court is primarily for high risk/high need individuals, with a history of difficulty with prior supervision and treatment, who voluntarily agree to participate in DTC including treatment and drug testing. The DTC uses a holistic approach to provide participants with supports and services to facilitate change in their lives. Family Drug Court - Family Dependency Treatment Court ensures safety, betterment, and wellbeing of the children in a family where parental drug abuse is known. Children are relocated to safer homes by a combined effort of court and child protection organizations where they can be saved from neglect and abuse. In the meanwhile, parents are brought to drug or alcohol abstinence program. Drug Treatment Court Legislative Report. Annual Report on North Carolina's Drug Treatment Courts (N.C.G.S. §7A-801). Drug Treatment Court Guidelines. Judicial leadership is essential in implementing and maintaining a drug treatment court (DTC). North Carolina T.E.A.M.S. Building Recovery 2018 Statewide Conference Materials Drug courts integrate alcohol and other drug treatment services with justice system case processing. Using a non-adversarial approach, prosecution and defense counsel promote public safety while protecting participants' due process rights. Eligible participants are identified early and promptly placed in the drug court program. Drug Treatment Court Programme. Related links Dublin Drug Treatment Court Office Guides for participants . The Drug Treatment Court Programme is aimed at people with drug addiction problems who come before the District Court on minor criminal charges linked to their drug addiction and who plead guilty or have been convicted of the charge(s ... Consequently, retention in the SACPA and in treatment was lower than might have been anticipated. Nevertheless, on a large scale, California diverted many more people to treatment than the Drug Courts alone. In other words, treatment access was significantly increased. Further, it is likely that the total number of participants who entered ... Types of Drug Treatment Courts in New York State Criminal Drug Treatment Courts. Defendants facing felony or misdemea...